■Hoshino Dreams Corporation

Company Name      Hoshino Dreams Corporation
President/CEO     Yoshifumi Okamoto

■Hoshino Dreams Project

We want young people to have their own dream-HOSHINO DREAM PROJECT is a project that was established under Senichi Hoshino’s passionate desire.

We aim to produce talented people who can play an active part in not only the baseball industry, but also in the sports industry, business industry, as well as in areas such as education and welfare, and ultimately contribute to the society.

Taking part in management of a minor league baseball team (1A) was the first step Senichi Hoshino took to support the young generation because minor league in the United States offers a place to pursue dreams for players as well as people who aspire for a career in the sports business industry. HOSHINO DREAMS PROJECT supports these ideas and actions by Senichi Hoshino and supports him in a variety of ways including the structuring of the program. HOSHINO DREAMS PROJECT plans to cooperate with other teams as well as other teams or organizations in different sports when sending our interns to their internship sites where they will learn business operation in sports through actual experience of business and daily operation.

■Tri-City Dust Devils

⋅Team: Tri-City Dust Devils
⋅Address: 6200 Burden Blvd, Pasco, WA 99301
⋅League: Northwest League
⋅Single A Affiliate of the Colorado Rockies
⋅Owner: George Brett
⋅Ballpark Name: Gesa Stadium
⋅Capacity: Approximately 3,700

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